Addison Hu

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I am a Visiting Scientist at Latitude AI. My work draws on concepts from off-policy evaluation and causal inference to better guide the development of the self-driving stack.

In November 2023, I received a PhD in Statistics and Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University, where I was lucky to be advised by Ryan Tibshirani. I spent the final year and a half of graduate school as a visiting researcher at the UC Berkeley Department of Statistics. Prior to all this, I received a BS in Statistics from Yale University and spent some time working at Facebook.


My work touches on statistical methodology, nonparametric theory, and optimization. My main focus at this time is understanding the use of total variation penalties in the scattered data, d-dimensional setting, which can be thought of as a multivariate generalization of locally adaptive regression splines or trend filtering. My collaborators and I have provided a treatment of the zeroth-order case, and we are currently working on the first-order case. In each of these projects, I consider the estimation problem from different angles: statistical rates, efficient computation, practical usage.

I also have an applied interest in computational epidemiology. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I joined CMU's Delphi group on an emergency basis to help produce real-time Covid-19 indicators and forecasts. I found the work compelling enough to continue working on related problems, including forecasting influenza for CDC FluSight.


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I am grateful to have been supported by an NSF GRFP award in Mathematical Statistics.


I have served as a referee/reviewer for the Annals of Statistics; Journal of Machine Learning Research; Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics; and Neural Information Processing Systems.